Happy Father’s Day Card – Dog and Puppy

Happy Father’s Day Card – Dog and Puppy


This card measures to be 4 x4 inches once completed



  • Green Best Occasions Deluxe Cardstock (8in x 8in paper)
  • 2 Yellow Recollection Scrap Paper (optional)
  • White Scrap Paper
  • Random Line Scrap Paper (Boarders Books Store “How to Kit”) – optional
  • Dog and Puppy Chipboard was in a (Boarders Books Store “How to Kit”) – optional


  • “Because I love you” Studio g Stamp
  • Green Petal Point Ink


  • Light Blue Studio g Glitter Glue
  • Yellow Spool O’ Ribbon
  • Green Button from Horizon Bucket of Buttons
  • Recollections Dimensional also known as “pop dots”
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Black Ball Point Pen
  1.  To start cut your green 8 x 8 card stock in half giving you two 4 x 8 pieces of paper.
  2.  Then fold one of your pieces of paper in half creating a 4 x 4 card. This will be the base for you card.
  3.  Recollections is selling various bundles of different sizes of scrap paper, so I pulled out a sunny looking yellow that was 3 2/4 x 3 2/4. Now this is optional you can use any yellow scrap paper.
  4.  The lined yellow, green, and dark gray paper was in a Boarders Book Store “How to Kit”. I got this kit in the bargain bin before Boarder closed forever in my location. (Oh so sad, I loved Boarders) The same with the Dog and Puppy chip board, however if you really want the dog and puppy I have made a template that is located below. You can cut and paste it and make it to size.
  5.  Before pasting my pieces of paper together, I tied yellow ribbon from Spool O’ Ribbon. Again this is optional any pretty yellow ribbon will do. I used the “cheater method”, which is cutting a small amount of ribbon and taping the ends on the back of the pieces of paper am using as my front base. Small note: Wherever you place your ribbon will be your outline of how high or low you will be placing your dog and puppy so make sure to leave some room. Once it looks good past every piece together on to your base card.
  6.  On Dog and Puppy Chipboard I used blue glitter around the necks of each animal then set it aside for just a sec. I then grabbed some white scrap paper and punched 2 holes. I then very carefully wrote “Son” and “Dad” inside the two little circles. I brought back my chipboard and place them at the very base of the collar. Making look like dog tags. I waited a day to have the glitter dry. Once they where dry I put pop dots on the back and places them on my card.
  7.  I grabbed some extra recollection yellow paper and stamped my greeting on green Ink. I used my scissors and cut my greeting to fit my card and mounted some pop dots behind it. If you note there is whiteout on my greeting, that because my greeting said “Because I love you” when I really wanted to say “Because we love you”. This card is for my husband so I don’t think he is going to mine the error. Small note: Most if not all my stamps are from Michaels 1.00 bin. What can I say if it’s cool and cheap why not get it?
  8. Almost done! To add the finishing touch I added a button. I didn’t want to spend hours or cut two pieces of ribbon. So I just ran some ribbon through the eye lids of the button and tied it in a small bow the front. I used a small pot dot to give it a little lift but not too much that you can see it being raised.


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