Doing Amazing When Your Worst For Wear

Doing Amazing When Your Worst For Wear

Hello All,

Well it has been a while since I have posted, moving and family tends to slow down on the creative aspect of blogging. However that doesn’t hinder creating itself, in fact I find myself creating more when I am under a lot of pressure. Much like musician play beautifully when life gets hard, or how painters make wonderful art when they are on their last dollar and haven’t eaten in a few days. I myself make better even phenomenal art when I am miserable then when life is good.

For example this drawings here, (left) I was working two jobs and going to school. Did I also mention I was living with my mother and four sisters in a tiny little apartment? This drawing is called Cruelty. (Right) The Grave Digger that looks like a creature made of skin and bones I was working nights at a security company in Sunnyvale California, funny enough I was originally hired as an Administrative Assistant before my boss said sorry you need to be a dispatcher or your fired. Since I didn’t have any other work line up and I finally moved out of my mother home and couldn’t afford to get fired. Being a dispatcher is not a job I really want to do ever again. Not because the work was demining but because I was just not very good at it.

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