Key Chain – Mizuho Kazami (Please Teacher)

I had never seen Please Teacher until a few weeks after I married my husband. I tell you what this anime threw me for a loop. I am sure a few women out there have had the fantasy of what an all-female world would look like. Well its beautiful, women are smart, they pilot advance ships and the male population is less than 10%.  Oh and she has a small obsession with Pocky? I guess every girl needs a hobby. So this homage goes to Mizuho Kazami for being beautiful, smart, and being able to pilot an advance ship through subspace.



  • Fashion Caps (Bottle Caps) 24 to a pack
  • Silver Plated Chain 1 foot
  • White Sculpey Clay 2oz
  • Key chain rings 15 to a pack,
  • Glitter glue
  • Plastic
  • Pop Dots
  • Glossy Accents
  • Image of Mizuho Kazami and the Pocky box

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