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Eco Friendly way to get adhesive off….

Eco Friendly way to get adhesive off….

Hello All,

Now I want to give manger Kudos to Dianarazana. Diana was the only person on YouTube as well as the internet that I was able to find an Eco Friendly way to get adhesive off glass. In addition it didn’t have me rubbing my fingers to nubs or make my skin crack.  I have tried everything, hot boiling water, soap, vinegar, regular hot & cold water, rubbing alcohol, and burning it off.

Now I have eczema which means I have super sensitive skin, so after trying every method listed above my hand look like the Sahara desert in a drought. Very, very painful! What was the magic that did the trick? Plain Canola Oil, it took 5 to 10 seconds to get mild adhesive off and up to maybe 25 seconds for the stubborn ones. The aewsome upside my hand were being exfoliated as I rubbed the stick glue off.

Wait there more! It doesn’t just work on glass, it work on just about anything. As she explain in her video it can be used on multiple surfaces.

Thanks again Dianarazana!

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