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Free SVG and Studio List

Free SVG and Studio List

Hey All,

Sorry for not posting sooner, looks like I had a bad case of Mastitis, with a pinch of blood poisoning.  So it’s safe to say I was unwell, but I was able to compile a list of where I get my free SVG and Studio (aka) Silhouette Files.  Just a word of advice doesn’t be greedy be sure to support the artist. It never hurts to buy some of their stuff, especially if it’s good stuff. Now the reason I am posting this is that I went to many different sites such as Top 40, Top 50, or 100 best Silhouette site and I have to tell you a lot of their links didn’t work or were just purchase only without any freebie available. I don’t know about you but I like to test a sample of the goodies just to see if it will work with my Silhouette or not. If it does I have no problem ordering more stuff from them.

I mean who doesn’t do a test drive before buying a car, or eating a sample of Chinese food before buying a meal? Sure sometimes we buy things out of impulse and it turns out great, but more often than not you come home, and it’s not what you wanted.


Weekly (Friday only) (sign up for their Facebook page you get Free SVG’s there too) (Differs) (Differs) (Every 2 Weeks) (Every 2 Weeks) (Need Window Translator) (sign up for their Facebook page you get Free SVG’s there too) (need a Silhouette to use, new SVG’s on Tuesday) (Every Friday)

Monthly (Differs) (Differs) (need Windows Translator) (Differs) (Differs)

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