Nae Nae’s Bookmark Challenge – Superhero Bookmark 1.0

I was going through my email and I was looking at one of my subbies that I follow and I saw that Nae Nae was having a challenge. Now I know I this started way back on June 15th, but I have been busy so I didn’t see this until yesterday. So if you don’t want to do this challenge I still strongly suggest you make a bookmark and send it to Nae Nae so you can give it to her local library.  Here is her info:

Now below are four bookmarks I have completed which seems like nothing. But I made three set of each so that twelve bookmarks total. If you can’t see the greeting I will be putting it underneath.

Batman – Greeting
Batman maybe a superhero however did you know he was also a well-read detective. Who studied not only his opponent but his situation. He is a hero that not only trained his body but his mind.

Flash – Greeting
Did you know the Flash was a scientist first and a superhero second? Yup, that’s right he has a Master Degree. Which means he read and studied super hard.

Wolverine – Greeting
Did you know James Howlette Logan aka the Wolverine was a miner, in the circus, then served in the military for many decades. He traveled a lot meeting new people, cultures, creatures, and other people like himself. And he did it all before he became a superhero.

Wonder Woman – Greeting
Wonder woman may have been born and Amazon Princess. However she also was an army nurse, ran a mod clothing boutique, and then was a laywer. You don’t need to be just a superhero you can be awesome!

Check out my video below:

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