Orchard Moving Sale 10-17-2015

Orchard Moving Sale 10-17-2015

Hello All,

I went on an outing with my husband today to pick up a few things. To my surprise, we went to Orchard Moving Sale, which is like going out of business but your favorite store is not long gone.  I had my reservation since you know most of the good stuff is gone but I was wrong, so so wrong.

I was able to find 15/32 or 1,1 cm Screw Eyes Pins in silver and gold, various sizes of cork tops, metal handles, and a decorative nob. Now mind you we were in that store for like 20 minutes, if I had a full hour or more I am sure I would have come home with a lot more.  But as luck would have it we had to be back home to meet the cable guy.

One thing I forgot to mention in my video is that while I was there we got a $10 dollar coupon so really out of pocket was just $1.25. But even if we did have to pay for the full $11.25 that was a really good deal.

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