Pop Up Birthday Card

Pop Up Birthday Card

Hello All,

It has been quite a beginning. So much has changed in just two months that a lot of people including myself have hit the ground running. But one thing is constant and that is my love for crafting.

I recently been occupying my time over at Koala T Crafts, setting up challenges on a weekly bases. It has been quite an eye opening experience to say the least, considering I don’t like standing out very much. It has defiantly gotten me out of my comfort zone, but that what a new year is. A new start in doing thing I normally wouldn’t do.

Right now I am creating birthday cards for other crafter over at Koala T Craft. Since I recently received one I thought I would return in kind.  Below is just one of many I am making. However after really looking at it…. it kind of looks like a valentine card. Maybe if I tone down the pink and hearts it may pass for a birthday cupcake?

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