EVE – Gila

Hello All, This latest request came from the Egyptian underworld. Yes, you guess it’s from Anubis Prime. Now I had a hard time pronounce this ship, it spelled Gila. But the pronunciation (He-la). Now my Hispanic side was all over this trying to pounce this as it looks as in (Gii-laa) or (Geee-laa). Anyway that not the point… The point […]

EVE – Astero

Hello All, Per the request of Rauski he wanted me to create an Astero ship. Yes this beautiful ship was one of the vessels of the Sisters of EVE made available to capuleers. I really liked the hit of red throughout the ship. A really eye catching ship for the player on the go.   Not only is it adept […]

EVE – Drake

Hello All, Per the request of Proopai he wanted me to create a Drake from EVE. As much I wanted to add lighting and shadows as I did for my Tristian. However, after looking at the Drake I thought going in a style like Banksy would be better.  You know like a stencil but just a small dab of color. […]

EVE – Tristin

Hello All, Here he is my Tristin! I couldn’t just sit here and not make my baby. I mean look at the image, it reminds me of a mecha but in space!!!! Maybe more like a big metal sumo wrestler, which is super sexy. And yes I think sumo’s are sexy, it’s an awesome sport. It is generally considered to […]

EVE – Apocalypse

Hello All, Well now that I am back on the horse, I am riding that poor thing to the ground. Heheheh!!! I had to go for the pun. But in truth, I have been burning the midnight oil coming up with some gamer decals for my Laptop. I am a big gamer when it comes to online games. One of […]