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EVE – Apocalypse

EVE – Apocalypse

Hello All,

Well now that I am back on the horse, I am riding that poor thing to the ground. Heheheh!!! I had to go for the pun. But in truth, I have been burning the midnight oil coming up with some gamer decals for my Laptop. I am a big gamer when it comes to online games. One of my favorites is EVE online and as much as I love my Tristan, I found a lot easier to create Apocalypse Battleship on my Silhouette. This is what it looks like in the game:


This is how it turned out on my Silhouette:

I can make this as one whole printable decal or cut it up in sections so I can even spray paint it on if I wanted. But I will keep plugging away at other ships to see which will look better on my laptop.

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