Dollar Tree Halloween Test Tube 2014

Hello All, Last year I took photos for my Halloween Test Tubes. I made a video about them but I didn’t post any photos. I posted them for my Etsy store and not one sold, so sad boo hoo. I think what I need to do is make them SVG only and maybe that will sell… Hopefully! However this year […]

Review on Sculpey Art Doll Faces

Before using this product read all the instructions so you get the most out of this product. That being said here is a tip that is NOT listed on the instruction. Do NOT leave clay in this mold overnight. I have not tried it with the Air Dry Clay. So I can’t confirm that portion. I don’t know why this […]

Ornaments for That Geeky Person in Your Life

Hello All, As some of you know I have added a few items to my Etsy shop. If you haven’t stop recently at here is what you’re missing. If you are unable to find what your looking for you can find it here:

How to Make Your Own Popcorn Treat Box

Hello Subbies, This template comes Printablee they have quite of few free popcorn templets. If you don’t like the look of this popcorn box there are hundreds of free templates online. Just go on to your favorite search engine and enter Free Popcorn Box.   What you will need: Template from Printablee Scissors or another cutting utensil Butter Knife or […]

Update, Ornaments, & Triple Thick Oh MY!

Hello Subbies, For those of you that have been following my blog here is an update on what I have been up to. It has been quite a long time since I posted on YouTube. So it’s going to be a major treat to see all the ornaments that I have finally completed and still need to complete. [Video Not […]

Bad Triple Thick!

Hello Subbies, Well, August is almost over and I have never encountered so many delays in such a short time. If you have been following my blog I challenge myself to complete 10 to 20 ornaments by the end of July. Sadly I failed my own challenge very badly, but I kept on going to see if maybe I could […]

Day 21 of Ornament Making

Hello Subbies, Well, my challenge is not going so well. Thus far I have only been able to make eight types of ornaments. I have made two of each ornament but still only eight types. Completed just needs paint: Kirby – fighter Kirby – Link from Zelda King Boo from Super Mario Bob-Bomb from Super Mario Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse […]

Mega-Man working through the pain

Hello Subbies, I had to stop crafting ornaments for a little bit. It seems I forgot that polymer clay dries my hands something terrible. I have so many Bandages on my hands I look like a burn victim. I am going to try to work through this problem and start working on my next bulb which is Mega-Man. Now it’s […]