Mock Stamp’in Up “Boxes of Sweets (candy boxes)”

Mock Stamp’in Up “Boxes of Sweets (candy boxes)”

Hello All,

Well, it’s update time again. I know I have been MIA for a bit hay I got two kids to teach, a husband to help, and a business that I am starting to get off the ground. So I’ve been a little busy, however, not too busy to let you guys know where you can find free templates for your favorite crafts.

Why? Well, when I first started crafting I didn’t have much of anything. I didn’t know how to make things that I saw, what kind of tools or papers I needed. Most of what I saw were in magazines or books and believe me DIY magazines/books don’t come cheap. But they were helpful with the templates and tips they provided. Nonetheless, some of the instructions were not always 100% clear. So when YouTube pop up and all sorts of people started showing their own DIY projects it made it easier visually. And this is just my way to give back.

So the first box I found comes from Silk and Leather Love – DIY Faison:

This second one is from Master Class (Russia):
If you do not have a Chrome translator I have taken the liberty of cutting and pasting what it says in (English) I have put it right here below.

Boxes of sweets (candy boxes)

If you have a holiday and are inviting guests, they usually come to you with gifts 🙂 but imagine how your friends will be delighted if you prepare for each small box with their name to your brand cookies or cake box! They will be delighted!


You will need:

1 Two types of colored card stock
2. Pattern Paper
3. Scissors
4. Craft Knife
5. String or Ribbon
6. Label
7. Tape
8. Gel Pen

To start Print pattern  (See below.) To the desired size and print it on plain paper. Cut form boxes and place them on a sheet of colored card stock. Carefully draw out a simple pencil edge pattern. Cut with scissors, and thin slits (zip) using a stencil knife and a ruler. Fold the resulting “petals” on the lines indicated on the pattern dotted line. From another card stock cut out the tag. It can be any shape. I used a shaped punch, but you can do it with scissors. On the label, you can write the name of the guest, the desire, or the name of the cookie that will lie inside the box. Fix the tag on one of the “petals” boxes with glue and decorate a small bow of ribbon. ‘re baking cookies, pack them and invite guests.

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