Creating Things to Unique Designs

Hello There Reader, Well today is the day I move everything from my old place to my new place. That’s right I’m leaving my to this lager condo called Unique Design by Monica. Now some of my videos that I have placed on YouTube will have me saying (Creating Things @ Blog Spot. Com) in the opening.  Just ignore […]

A Dozen Layouts & Etched Mirrors

Hello There, Well after several dozen layouts and hundreds of uploads, I’m still not fully satisfied on what’s set up as my layout for this site. Though for now this will have to do, in the mean time I have made a couple of beautiful etched mirror for a client. Nevertheless I can’t post them do to client confidentiality. I […]

Unique Designs by Monica is Almost Operational

One would say “Unique Designs by whom?” Unlike Doctor Who, who likes his identity a secret and going by “Just the Doctor.” I’m not so allusive unlike our good doctor I’m a career girl, turn mom & housewife.  You would think being a mom and housewife I would have no time for anything else. But I do! I’m also a […]