Creating Things to Unique Designs

Creating Things to Unique Designs

Hello There Reader,

Well today is the day I move everything from my old place to my new place. That’s right I’m leaving my to this lager condo called Unique Design by Monica. Now some of my videos that I have placed on YouTube will have me saying (Creating Things @ Blog Spot. Com) in the opening.  Just ignore that part; it’s kind of like the man behind the curtains no need to pay any attention to it.

I could just remake everything and repost, but I‘m a mom and we really don’t have that kind of time. When were at our final destination we don’t just go back home. NO Sir! We Jerry rig it and make it work a little quick glue here, safety pen there, and a spot of tape up there, and Bob’s your Uncle it’s done.

So let get ready and on with the show!

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