Snow Globe Christmas Tree

Snow Globe Christmas Tree

Hello All,

Well we are getting ever closer to Christmas and I keep thinking about snow. Since it really doesn’t snow in California unless you drive to some snowy forsaken mountain that has more rock then snow, it really doesn’t really count.   So to cheer me up I made myself a little snow globe card.

I’m sure some of you would say that snow is overrated and it not as fun when the pipes freeze. However, something about the cold snow brings back warm memories of playing on a giant inflated tire going down a slippery and dangers hillside with my younger sister Veronica.  Trudging up that mound with a heavy tire seemed like hours just to get a few seconds of bliss of untold speed.  Hearing my little sister shriek as we hit the snow-white bank made me want to do it all over again.

Aww when life was simple!

Christmas Tree Snow Globe
Christmas Tree Snow Globe
Christmas Tree Snow Globe  UC
Christmas Tree Snow Globe UC


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