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How to Pass the Time While Sick and Pregnant  – Neat stuff on the Silhouette Cameo!

How to Pass the Time While Sick and Pregnant – Neat stuff on the Silhouette Cameo!

Hello All,

To those of you that do read this blog, you have noticed that I haven’t written since April. The reason for that is because I am currently pregnant, 6 months to be accurate. And it’s been super hard for me to craft due to the fact I get sick so easy and I can’t seem to be around my craft room without getting queasy.

Now I do get small moments that I can just sit and craft, but they are so few and far between. I have been hiding out more and more in the kitchen since my secondary laptop is in there, well that and the refrigerator is like right there. It would be awesome if I could show you guys the beautiful silhouette images I have made on the Silhouette Cameo. I have not needed to buy an image on the cameo in a few months because I found it was more cost-effective just making it on my own.

Now if you’re new to the Silhouette Cameo and you think you need to buy a whole bunch of images just to get started your wrong. First, the Cameo starts you off with 51 free images that you download from the machine itself, so you need to have your cameo connected to your laptop or desktop. Just follow the instruction on your Cameo but if your still not getting it. Christina Thomas from Creation with Christina on YouTube has a great tutorial on how to get your free images:

 Oh, I all most forgot to tell you, every Tuesday there are free images that you can download off of not to mention if you enter “free” into the search and click “go” on the 2nd or 3rd page you will find at least 3 to 5 images that you need to claim. It does take a bit of clicking through the pages but all you need to click next for free images I would do it. Well, I did.

I found JustDahling tutorial – On How to Print and Cut was very easy to follow:

 Now if you know what you’re doing and are just looking for freebies I would suggest the following:,, and it never hurts to check out Pinterest to find all sorts of freebies out there:

However, if you don’t know your way around your Cameo but still want some freebies to check out SarahaWorld4u video on how to download what you need and set it up on your Cameo:

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