More Bookmarks and a Late Night Rant

More Bookmarks and a Late Night Rant

How late was I doing this video? Way too late if you ask me, my son stayed over at his Mema’s (Grandma) while my 3-month-old had a party with mama (me) till 1 AM. Yeah, that’s right I was up with her because she just didn’t want to go to sleep. For whatever reason Sammy hasn’t found her sleeping stride, which is funny because my son found his stride super early. I could time his naps and sleep pattern by a train conductor’s watch. But Sammy is all over the place she will sleep 30 min here an hour there and at night… ugg it’s all over the place.

So, I wasn’t really sure when I was going to post on YouTube. However, I was able to load today. After reviewing it, I sound a little slow and yes I repeated myself on more than one occasion. Again what do you expect for doing a video so late?

I’m sure someone somewhere out there is saying well why didn’t you do it in the morning or sometime during the day. I mean your posting right now? Well no I am just not posting right now. What looks like a few moments of my time started at 7 AM. I pumped, washed Sammy’s bottles, and wrote a little. Picked up my son gave him some breakfast, typed a little more, uploaded to YouTube video, took care of some more personal stuff, came back typed some more edited my YouTube video, went back to pump, feed my son, and daughter, and typed some more. So enough with the rambling. Let’s get on with the show!

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