Pop Up Card Tutorials

Pop Up Card Tutorials

Hello Crafters,

Well, it’s Friday Highlights again, now I must beg for your pardon for my Part 2 video I said Triangle when I meant to say Rectangle and vice versa. I think I had a little less sleep than I would like on that day, but I think most of you got a general idea of what I wanted to convey.

And if you actually saw my Part 2 video you guys would have noticed I did a bounce feature image. So if you haven’t checked that out be sure to do so. It’s been super fun making these tutorials I hope I can make many more. Now down to the free stuff, if you don’t want to follow my instructions on how to make the Font, Cupcake, or Balloon images you can find them here:

Happy  Birthday Font

For the Happy Birthday Font, you can get the free SVG file by going to

Or you can download free  fonts by going to and  Sarah’s World 4 u  can show you how to upload them to your computer by checking out her tutorial right there

Cupcake Image

Here is a cupcake image that you can put into your Silhouette Cameo


For super cute balloons you can find them here 

Flower Images 

I really love Birds work especially her flowers take a look:

Okay, you crafter sit back and enjoy the show!

Part 1 – Pop Up Card

[Video Not Available]

Part 2 – Little Boy & Girl

[Video Not Available]

Part 3 – Cupcake, Balloons, & Font 

[Video Not Available]

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