Friday Highlights moved to Saturday and Burton Avenue

Friday Highlights moved to Saturday and Burton Avenue

Happy Saturday!

I guess I can officially call it….. It’s now Saturday Highlights.  Who am I kidding, I may get “me time” on Friday night but by the time everything is said and done it’s already Saturday.

Anyway, today’s highlight is Burton Avenue.  The site is run by Angie a mother of seven. A hard-working mom if I ever did read about.  Every Friday she submits free downloaded SVG files that are compressed in a zip file.  You can check her out at

This week’s SVG is a cute diner theme homage to Moms which is fitting since this Sunday is Mother’s Day! I love how she transferred it onto an apron which adds to the theme even more. So thank you Angie for providing the many images posted on a weekly basis. And with such a large family I give you major kudos for putting out on time every week.

I was inspired by her work so I made this simple Mother’s Day Card. I wanted to keep it almost drive thru kind of look.

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