Mixing the Right Blend!

Mixing the Right Blend!

Hey All,

Look who’s making a special order. This girl, yup that right me! I was starting to doubt I would ever get a request. I had extra ornaments Gesso ready to go when I reopened my Etsy account.  And that was way back in September. So after months of waiting, I finally got one. I’m super excited!

If any of you remember my original Kirby from 2012, his back with a vengeance! Yes crafters his is my new work of art I am doing. I had to prep my colors to get that beautiful hue that my husband masterfully calls Pepto-Bismol pink. (Hmmm… Crayola really needs to make that color)

After trial and error with Apple Barrel Diva Pink and Craft Smart light pink or Rose Clair. I like Rose Clair better it sounds fancy, I found that perfect blend.

Which you can see from the photo below this Kirby needs a few more coats to give it that strong yet huggable look.


I am on a deadline and nothing is wavering me from getting the job done right the first time.

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