Drinks and Donut Card (Start to Finish) – Silhouette

Drinks and Donut Card (Start to Finish) – Silhouette

Hello All,

In April of 2019, I did a tutorial on YouTube on how to make your own Hot and Cold Drinks and in May of that same year, I made a Donut. So I have combined forces and made this tutorial into one card on Twitch.

With YouTube struggling right now with not properly rating their systems and the craziness it’s having on its users, the majority of my streams have been on Twitch or just pre-recorded videos.

To be honest I am having a lot of fun over on Twitch it’s a bit more laid back. I get instant feedback, I have the power of Discord on my side. Not to mention I can monitor my stream a lot better.

Sorry, I had my camera upside down I didn’t notice it until a lot later in the stream.

The end results:

You can get the SVG here: Sweet Treats On A Plate SVG

In the end, I was able to make stickers, that I could put them on just about anything I wanted.

Sorry for the bad image I shortly gave this card away. I had no idea how bad out of focus this was.

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