I’m Using Up Embellishments To Make Cards

I’m Using Up Embellishments To Make Cards

Hello Crafty Friends,

Here is every crafter’s dirty little secret – paper scraps and other crafts. Whether I store them in a drawer, toss them in a bag, or have a giant pile growing on my desk, paper scraps and scraps can feel like an insurmountable mountain of disorganization. But they can be useful – after all, why would you keep them if they weren’t.

Well for times like these of course. Where your product testing, card making, bags, boxes, or what have you. Scraps come in handy. So today I spent 2 hours using what I got to make as many cards as I can.

Since it’s my Birthday on Valentine’s Day and I am going to be traveling with my family till Monday I will not be able to post on Saturday. So hope you like what you see today.

Here is how the cards turned out:

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