Thomas Ornament Card

Hello All,

My 2 year old son put up some ornament on our fake tree last week and after seeing him weigh down one side of it, it got me in the mood to create this. The light and green pattern was chosen after looking at my poor sad tree as it screamed “help me I’m going to fall over.” The candy cane strips pattern was chosen after he chomped down on his very first candy cane this year. After running all over the house for an hour on a sugar rush he crashed on his soft green spider blanket that we got at Wal-Mart the year before. Thus the green band that bridges both patterns together.

So sweet pea when you’re older and you read mommies post know this card was made because of you!

homas Ornament Card Front
Thomas Ornament Card Front
Thomas Ornament Card Side
Thomas Ornament Card Side

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