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How to Make “Home Made Jar SVG” Into Something Amazing

Hello All,

So on Monday July 30th on https://www.twitch.tv/airideviant. I created four different project. A lemonade jar holding some sweet sweet lemonade, a Halloween shaker jar tag, a Valentin’s Day plastic shaker tag, and a Fairy in a jar Card. Which you can find at store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com for only 0.99. I will be streaming again this Friday at 8CST. If you want to check for any changes check out my facebook at www.facebook.com/UniqueDesignsByMonica.

This jar had only one modification which an easily done by hand or cutting machine. I just hallowed out the middle into a rounded edge rectangle.

Very much like the jar above I only to make one modification and that is add a score line near the lid to make it fold. Since you can resize the file you can make all this project as big or a small as you want.

To show you guys how versatile this file is I went from frame type of shaker to plastic covering.

This final jar was used as an embellishment to make a sweet card to give to any friend.

My Halloween Card using SVG – Clover Whisper

Hello Everyone,

Last night I as so much fun assembling my  SVG – Clover Whisper and making this super cute shaker card. I was able to make her 4 x 2 inches to fit my A2 size card. Let me tell you she came out cute, cute, CUTE!!

This is how she look with out adding her to the card. I can totally see her on just about any project. From scrap-booking to a mix media.

I was also thinking about putting her on a treat box or bag. if you want to make this project you can pick up my SVG on Etsy. Click HERE to pick up your SVG today.

MINECRAFT Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween All!!!

Well our display and props where the talk of the street. Even though the turn out was a little less then I expected. However those trick or Treat’ers that did come by where telling other. And well….by the end of the night we kept hearing “wow it’s the Minecraft house” or “look we found the Minecraft house.” Both my husband and I were villagers and we where a site to see. Kids right off the bat yelled “MINECRAFT!” left and right.  We had our far share of the main character STEVE, with a handful of CREEPERS. But the most interesting one was the ENDERMAN that showed up at our door.

It was awesome!

I can say it really did my husband and I heart good to hear that.


These are some of the props we used in the front yard.

Dollar Tree Halloween Test Tube 2014

Hello All,

Last year I took photos for my Halloween Test Tubes. I made a video about them but I didn’t post any photos. I posted them for my Etsy store and not one sold, so sad boo hoo. I think what I need to do is make them SVG only and maybe that will sell… Hopefully!

However this year I know for a fact that the dollar tree will having “test tube” again and I thought I let you all know to pick them up.

This is what you guys can make:

I have found a few wonderful tutorial you can make on YouTube:

If you have a Cricut check out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=blZTzFvzGQg

If you have a score board check out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Test Tube and Ornaments

Hello All,

Yup still plugging away at those ornaments, but stay tuned I will be creating a Mock Stamp’in Up Sweet Treat Box. So sit back grab some popcorn and view the link below:

Spooky Ghost and Fall Pumpkin Popcorn Treat Boxes

Hey Subbies,

I have made two more 3D Popcorn Treat Boxes. A spooky ghost and a fall pumpkin, I think they both came out super cute.

How to Make Your Own Popcorn Treat Box

Hello Subbies, This template comes from Lynn White she posted this on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/120752833732698760/. If you don’t like the look of this popcorn box there are hundreds of free templates online. Just go on to your favorite search engine and enter Free Popcorn Box.  What you will need:

  • Template see above
  • Scissors or other cutting utensil
  • Butter Knife or Bone folder
  • Pencil
  • Glue or Tape
  • Copy Paper or Card Stock
  • Pattern Paper or Printed Pattern Paper
  • Embellishments

 Check out my tutorial for tips and tricks to making this box


    The following are photos of popcorn boxes I created using my silhouette.

Alice in Wonderland Mini Album by Natasha Hensel

Hello All,

I’m never one to pass up a good deal especially if the deal is amazingly gorgeous and free. Natasha Hensel from cleversoiree.blogspot.com is doing a raffle/giveaway of her Alice in Wonderland mini album. Now I have been eyeing at this mini since the day of its creation, she raffled it off last year and the winner never PM (Privet Message) her to pick up her reward.

Natasha Hensel  - Alice in Wonderland Mini Album

Natasha Hensel – Alice in Wonderland Mini Album

Which is really is a shame, but since this lucky winner didn’t that means I have another chance to win. But its only one for one week starting October 31st – November 8th . Take a look at her site at: www.cleversoiree.blogspot.com/2012/04/wild-orchid-crafts-halloween-in.html for details and once you do check out her other awesome stuff she makes. Or click below to view her YouTube Video.

 Good luck!

Minecraft – Steve and Creeper

Hello All,


For Halloween my husband and his younger brother will be going as Steve and Creeper from the video game called MINECRAFT.  Now since neither my husband nor his brother has the time to make or get a costume for October 31st that fun task fell on to me. Now this idea was not mine to take credit for, it actually came from CyberDrone from DeviantArt at: www.deviantart.com But the one that tipped me off to this great discovery is our Nephew. He Dad  sent this photo of his little boy of Steve the Minecraft Warrior holding a Creeper head in one hand while swinging his sword in the other.

Nate MineCraft

Nate MineCraft

So cute don’t you think?


So that had me on my own quest to make these block head Hero and Villain man size. When I had completed the block masks my husband suggested to me he could make the Creeper a little more interesting. So he and I are collaborating in making the Creeper’s eyes glow from behind the mask. If you want to check out how he made this part work check out his blog at: http://scireportals.net. He is one of the techiest guys I have ever met and if you have any question please feel free to drop him or me a line. We will be more than happy to tell you the details to this project.

10×10 Block Head Masks


Spider Lanterns

Hello All,

Today’s project was done on my Silhouette Cameo.

  1. I created a paper lantern layout on Photoshop.
  2. Then I imported it on my Silhouette Cameo.
  3. I chose the “Select Trace Area” then highlighted my image.
  4. When you do this it will chose an outline for you, since I didn’t want the standard outline I chose “trace Outer Edge”.
  5. This will give you a line out of your image. Once it is outlined in red I removed my original image.
  6. I then purchased a Halloween Banner – Web for 99 cents and removed the banner part leaving me with an intricate web design.
  7. I overlapped the web design to the areas I wanted the Silhouette Cameo to cut.
  8. Once I removed it from the Silhouette Mat I glued one layer of white tissue paper to the inside for the lantern.
  9. I assembled it then added a little LED candle and the effect looks spooky.