Ornament Time!

Hello All, If you are not following me on Facebook then you may have miss some craziness. So if you don’t want to miss updates on Twitch, YouTube, or when I have some news come up. Then head over to my Facebook by clicking the link here: https://www.facebook.com/UniqueDesignsByMonica/?ref=bookmarks If you haven’t heard I am working on Ornaments. I have 10 of […]

New Ornaments Coming To My Shop

Hello All, I have been hard at work creating new ornaments. I really don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I got to say I love, LOVE the way they all came out. WOOHOO, I can’t believe these are going on my site soon. Pikachu Poliwag Meowth Oddish   JiggalyPuff Personal

Sneak Peak on New Ornaments

Hello All, Well these are my sneak peeks for November upcoming pre-Thanksgiving sale starting on the 20th on my Etsy shop.  I only make a few of these each year and once they run out you must pre-order. Stock takes about a week to make so make sure you check out my Facebook and or blog for details. Make sure […]

Mixing the Right Blend!

Hey All, Look who’s making a special order. This girl, yup that right me! I was starting to doubt I would ever get a request. I had extra ornaments Gesso ready to go when I reopened my Etsy account.  And that was way back in September. So after months of waiting, I finally got one. I’m super excited! If any […]

Test Tube and Ornaments

Hello All, Yup still plugging away at those ornaments, but stay tuned I will be creating a “Mock” Stampin Up, Sweet Treat Box. So sit back grab some popcorn and view the link below: [Video Not Available]

Update, Ornaments, & Triple Thick Oh MY!

Hello Subbies, For those of you that have been following my blog here is an update on what I have been up to. It has been quite a long time since I posted on YouTube. So it’s going to be a major treat to see all the ornaments that I have finally completed and still need to complete. [Video Not […]

Bad Triple Thick!

Hello Subbies, Well, August is almost over and I have never encountered so many delays in such a short time. If you have been following my blog I challenge myself to complete 10 to 20 ornaments by the end of July. Sadly I failed my own challenge very badly, but I kept on going to see if maybe I could […]

Day 21 of Ornament Making

Hello Subbies, Well, my challenge is not going so well. Thus far I have only been able to make eight types of ornaments. I have made two of each ornament but still only eight types. Completed just needs paint: Kirby – fighter Kirby – Link from Zelda King Boo from Super Mario Bob-Bomb from Super Mario Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse […]

Snorlax the Display Pokémon

Hello Subbies, Today I am going back to Pokémon. Which pocket monster am I tossing at you today? Well, it’s that sleeping giant the Snorlax. Now the photo you see below is one I made last year for a customer. I used a smaller blub that had a sliver ting to it. So I want to see how much better […]

Work done July 3rd and 4th

Hello Subbies Here is an update on what I have been up to. On July 3, 2014, I sculpted two Jiggly Puffs. You may not believe this by looking at this photo. But it’s a bright sunny day in this room, for whatever reason the flash went off giving me a darker photo than it should. I tried a few […]