Baby Shower – Rocking Horse

Hello All, The Pastor wife had a baby shower last week and as much as I would have loved to be there my son and I were really sick. As you know sickness and pregnant women don’t mix, actually sickness and people just don’t mix. So we quarantine ourselves in our house for as long as the virus was in […]

Being Content and Thankful In All Things

That is super strange; I thought I had a pre-posted entry set up to go off the first week of January. Since I was off with family for the Holiday and it seems that the posting I had in place has just vanished. I had a very lengthy posting on what my resolution was going to be this year and […]

Happy Birthday Princesses

Hello All, My friend Jean needed a birthday card for her 10 year old granddaughter. She told me that she loved purple and princesses things. So as a thank you for allowing me set up my shop at their annual Holiday Boutique this year. I made her this for granddaughter. If your reading this thanks again Jean!    

3D Snowflake Card

Hello All, This is not a new idea of course; we all learn how to make 3D snowflakes in grade school with construction paper and glue.  Nevertheless, just because we learn something as children doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bring out the kids in use.  So I dug out my inner kid and pulled out this lovely idea and added my […]

Thomas Ornament Card

Hello All, My 2 year old son put up some ornament on our fake tree last week and after seeing him weigh down one side of it, it got me in the mood to create this. The light and green pattern was chosen after looking at my poor sad tree as it screamed “help me I’m going to fall over.” […]

Halloween Tree Card w/ Bottle Cap Magnet

Halloween is almost here and I am in the mood to make some scary cards this year, with and added twist. I’ve include one of my bottle cap magnet charms to make this year’s treats even sweeter. I created this card using the following materials: Black card stock Brown card stock Orange card stock Pattern Paper Pumpkin Images Orange & […]

Man Shirt – Fathers Day Card

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone it’s time to appreciate our fathers in our lives. You may have had an Uncle, Brother, Grandfather, or Step-Father that raised your right. And in application you want to give him something for all the hard work and long hours he put to make you the better person you are today.   But […]

Happy Father’s Day Card – Dog and Puppy

  This card measures to be 4 x4 inches once completed Materials Paper: Green Best Occasions Deluxe Cardstock (8in x 8in paper) 2 Yellow Recollection Scrap Paper (optional) White Scrap Paper Random Line Scrap Paper (Boarders Books Store “How to Kit”) – optional Dog and Puppy Chipboard was in a (Boarders Books Store “How to Kit”) – optional Stamp: “Because […]

One More Mother’s Day Card

Hello, It’s only minutes away before its Mother’s Day!!!  So I wanted to squeeze in one more card in before the day is through.  I think It came out better than what I saw at Walgreens card isle today, and to tell you the truth a lot cheaper.  If I needed 10 of these cards it would cost me 0.99 […]