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Thank You and Unicorn Poop

I won, I won, oh yeah I won! So PharEwings on Twitch: was doing a giveaway over at her channel and the grand prize are these super cute custom made stickers.  (So shinny) My kids have been pining for them since they saw them come in.

Thanks PharE!

Dead By Daylight Killer Valentine Cards

Creepy? Yes…. Morbid? Also yes. Was it a whole lot of fun to do. Oh you bet on the tip of your shiny ax it was.

What am I talking about? Killers, that’s what. I am making all 11 of the DBD killers into Valentine Cards. Each one with a romantic and oh so creepy lines. For that morbid lover in your life. Now I’m not selling these, we are going to be given these away on Twitch. If your not a follower of TehFreakPlays, Devilen84, or myself AiriDeviant.

We have lots of fun so come check us out. We are normally on around 8:30 EST Mon-Fri.

200+ Subbies Plus Giveaway

Wait…what… WHAT!!!

That is what I have been saying all day. Words can not express the shock and awe I revived this morning. I reached 200+ subscribers wow thank you guys. I didn’t really think anyone was watching my videos. I always had a Meh.. If I can help one person get inspiration I’m okay with that. if they sub they sub no big deal. Until that is I check my email and saw some one had sub. I was like cool I wonder if anyone how many subbies I have…what 5? 10? its been a long time you know.

All I could sway was wait…. what? Am I looking at the right person? Yeah that’s me… wait what?

After I gather my sanity off the floor I know I had to do something. It’s not just a meh state of mind. I really need to show these people I appropriate there time to watch me. So I am doing a giveaway. Here is the best part, you don’t have to do anything.

Well other than just click on the text blow and BOOM It’s yours. That it! I am giving away just because you guys are awesome.

Celeste Fae by Monica Vasquez