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Wait…what… WHAT!!!

That is what I have been saying all day. Words can not express the shock and awe I revived this morning. I reached 200+ subscribers wow thank you guys. I didn’t really think anyone was watching my videos. I always had a Meh.. If I can help one person get inspiration I’m okay with that. if they sub they sub no big deal. Until that is I check my email and saw some one had sub. I was like cool I wonder if anyone how many subbies I have…what 5? 10? its been a long time you know.

All I could sway was wait…. what? Am I looking at the right person? Yeah that’s me… wait what?

After I gather my sanity off the floor I know I had to do something. It’s not just a meh state of mind. I really need to show these people I appropriate there time to watch me. So I am doing a giveaway. Here is the best part, you don’t have to do anything.

Well other than just click on the text blow and BOOM It’s yours. That it! I am giving away just because you guys are awesome.

Celeste Fae by Monica Vasquez