The Avengers

Hello all,

Just got home, I saw the new Avengers movie and it was awesome!! If I could use an audio tone on the word “Awesome” I would. I have to tell you Marvel is doing it right when it comes to movie superheroes. DC not so much, sure they had Christopher Reeves as Superman way back when and it was okay… Then they used as many actors they could find on the Batman line. But that’s all, at some point Superman, Batman, Aqua Man, Wonder Woman, and the Flash all join up to create the Justice League. And I don’t see that turning out very good. Why? I will tell you why, so many people have played these roles that the audience can’t connect the dots to which actor is playing what roll. The media won’t get the same connection or find it personable.

Marvel however is using the same people making you want to know their story. It’s like watching your favorite story coming to life and you identify who they are on each and every movie you see. Well maybe not all… They did change out of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner which they replaced with Mark Ruffalo. I don’t know why Edward wasn’t in the new one as the HULK. I think he would have done an amazing job. My husband and I believed he made a pretty decent HULK. But that’s show business what do I know, any whoo. My personal thoughts on this movie…. Two Thumbs up!


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