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Key Chain – Toru Handa (Fruits Basket)

Key Chain – Toru Handa (Fruits Basket)

Well since I am no longer a torched soul (well most days) my hands can work on happier and brighter things. Such as this Fruits Basket key chain.

Just to give a little history in the making of this key chain and what made me choose Toru Honda as my piece to create. Fruits Basket is a Japanese anime (animation cartoon) and manga (Comic) it’s one of those stories that make you want to do be a better person when life gets hard. Toru Honda is a young girl who has lost her mother and then her home, so far not sounding like a very happy story. However not once does she give in to the woes of the world, but has a pretty upbeat audited about it. While living in a tent she is found out by the neighboring residents (The Soma Family) who take her in, which she comes to find they are not so normal themselves. It’s funny, crazy, and an all-around amazing story.


  • Fashion Caps (Bottle Caps) 24 to a pack
  • Silver Plated Chain 1 foot
  • White and Black Sculpey Clay 2oz
  • Key chain rings 15 to a pack,
  • Pink, Black and White Paint
  • Glitter glue
  • Plastic
  • Pop Dot
  • Glossy Accents
  • Image of Toru Honda


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