Less then 10 Min. Valentine’s Day Card

Less then 10 Min. Valentine’s Day Card

Hello All,

Yes, yes I’m alive. I know it’s been a while but I have to tell you we all have been sick here in the Vasquez home. Goodness, what has it been a month? Yeah, that seems about right. This nasty cold has been ping-ponging back and forth like a mucus ball. This has been the first day in weeks I have felt great. The cough is hanging on me like dead weight on a hot day. But just the sheer fact I can sit up and take in nourishment is a blessing.

But that being said my mind has been firing away while I laid in bed. When I was able to hold a pencil I jot down some ideas. And this is what I came up with. A simple 10 minute Valentine’s Day card using what I had at home. Most of which I got from dollar bins at Target or the Dollar Tree.

You can make this just using weight card-stock some stamps and some foam dots. It really wasn’t all that hard. Take a look at how I put it tighter and the end result photos.




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