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Bay-Bee Shower

Bay-Bee Shower

Hello All,

Well I am invited to another baby shower. Let me count how many I have gone to this year….. its been three this year alone and it only April. APRIL! Couples be making babies when its cold I tell you. Any whoo I had some really nice stuff that I made for the first two but wouldn’t you know it I didn’t take photos. Why do I keep doing that?

I get a great opportunity to show off my skills and boom I forget to take photos of my work. Well I do have this to show.  This is the invite that I had received from the expected mommy to bee. (lol see what I did there… ok moving on.)

I love the bee in the center so I scanned it, moved it to my Silhouette Cameo, and then cut it. Well… After some trail and error I got the image to work. and I made this cute little bag.

the image is not flat it has several layers. Such as the black layout of the bee, the three yellow strips, and the two white wings. Each image was cut on the Silhouette Cameo, glued, and then I use a blue bag to go with the little boy theme.

I used a flat black marker to add in the dash marks. Overall it looks good!


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