New Instagram Account

New Instagram Account

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update…
I have created a new crafty Instagram account. I know I’m bit slow getting all Insta-up Apps there are out there. But know it’s done.

I am really enjoying sharing  my crafts with you, especially when I can’t put everything on my blog.  what I do tend to do on my Instagram account is post all the crafts you don’t see on this blog. I mostly share photos of what I am working on there. I hope that makes sense? I should have listened to my sisters and did that a lot sooner, but then again I’m not that hip to what my little sisters do.

I hope my tagline is easy to remember, my username is uniquedesignsbymonica  click on the link to get you there!  If you are a crafter your self I usually follow you back. I’m always looking for new inspirations đŸ™‚

Stay crafty!

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