Boxes and Stress

Boxes and Stress

Hello All,

How many of you had to move, an apartment, a house, or just a room. I have to tell you packing sucks! I can say it’s not the actual function of packing that sucks but the aftermath of what packing does. Boxes are everywhere! You can’t use certain things that you could before, and as the time to definitely move comes closer there is less space and more things become inaccessible.

Money seems to become less when you move too and don’t get me started on box hunting. Ugh, I want to craft so much but everything is either in a box or out of reach because it’s blocked by boxes.

Do you know what the saddest part is? I found a craft book and I am taking the darn thing everywhere, like is the last twinkly in the whole world. Literally picking it up and taking it from room to room, taking care I nor anyone else puts it in a box. (I know I’m discussed with myself too…. but I love it)

I use to see hope in my little craft room but as the days go on, it’s a sad reminder of what I once had. Lord willing wherever we go I can have at least a closet-size room. Nothing fancy just someplace I can craft.

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