Waiting in Anticipation Can Be Madding!

Waiting in Anticipation Can Be Madding!

Hello All,

Have you ever waited in anticipation? I think everyone has in some point or another. Its like Christmas Eve and your not allowed to open presents till the morning comes. Or like waiting for the last few hours for a family member to come home after they have been gone for a long time.

That’s what I am feeling like right now for my new online store to open. Many of you already know the fee hog called Etsy. Fees for every post, fee for every transaction, and the fee after every sale, not to mention the monthly fee to maintain the site.

Some of you will say its only 20 cents here and 3% there.  But in the end it adds up, and up. Till you wake up one morning your paying your job to come in to work. That’s what its come down to. I’m working to live rather then living to work. I want to be happy coming in to work rather then dreading it.  I’m at that point with Etsy.

With my new store I will only have to pay once a year for just the services of maintaining the server. The best part is I can add as many items I want without worrying about how much I am spending on fees.

The wait is madding sometimes! If you haven’t checked out my Instagram or my DeviantArt your missing out on all the SVG and up coming polymer clay projects I am waiting to put up on my site!

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