Cricut Tester Needed!

Cricut Tester Needed!

Hello All,

If some of you have notice there a few new tabs on our blog.  We have a proper Gallery Page and a Video Tutorials Page.  If you want to see what I have made but haven’t seen in the store is because I still need Cricut Tester.

If you haven’t seen my Facebook Page this is what you might have missed:

I have quite a few SVG that I have created myself that I need testing on. I know they work because I have a Silhouette Cameo but I don’t know if they cut out the same on a Cricut Machine.

What You Get:
* You will get a Free SVG
* A photo of what the project needs to look like
*Mention on my blog
*Mention on Facebook
*Mention on Twitter
*Mention on Instagram
*If you have a blog it will be mention on all these media stream for free.

What I need:
* I need someone that can make a project at least once a week and report to me if the project works or if it needs fixing.
* Photos so I can attached them to all the media sites.

Please send me a privet message. Please don’t post your email below, I really don’t want you to be spam.

If you check out my Gallery Page you can see all of the Free SVG you can get if you are a tester.


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