Cassette Tape SVG

Cassette Tape SVG

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to try out something news for a while now but I never found the right SVG to do it. Until now.

When I first created this SVG, I was drawn to the nostalgia of the cassette tape. However, I did not like how the layers stack up so I started rearranging the cutting lines. No matter what I did, I kept ending up with a bulky look because there were too many layers. I was trying to make it more three dimensional. Which wouldn’t have look good if I used vinyl or when I did papercrafts. Just when I was about to give up and surrender to the original cutting file, it dawned upon me I need to just use the KISS method. (Keep It Stupidly Simple).

Just like the cassette tape, it’s self I just need to be its beautiful simplistic self. I realize that I could use this cassette tape as a card for any other occasion. I even made a couple of embellishments to use for later. I will add the sentiment on the card front as and when I need it.

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