Fail and Pro of Madcap-puccino Gift Card Holder: Start to Finish on Cricut

Fail and Pro of Madcap-puccino Gift Card Holder: Start to Finish on Cricut

Hello My UDBM Readers,

I’m excited to share this Valentine’s Day SVG cut file with ya’ll today. I love, love, LOVE how this Madcap-puccino came out. This little cutie is available for purchase now.  

However, I’m going to preface this post with: this project didn’t turn out how I planned the first time.

Why am I sharing a “less than perfect” project? In the world of perfect Pinterest photos and bloggers who never fail to share the latest and greatest creations, it’s a nice reminder that not everything you do will turn out perfect.

Just because my first attempt was a fail. It doesn’t mean it was 100% fail. With every failure, there is a triumphant successor. Even if that success maybe your second or tenth.

So here is my Fail. It’s not bad but it wasn’t great either. Sometimes less is more and in this case, it really needed a lot less.

However for every not so good. There is a better one.

So in today’s tutorial, I will be showing how I got the better version while showing you the pitfall that a crafter can fall into.

I will be going back to my normal schedule of posting every Wednesday and Saturdays at 8 AM CST. If you like what you see don’t forget to comment below and share it really helps the blog.

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