PG-13 On YouTube

PG-13 On YouTube

Hello Crafters.

YouTube creators are already making changes to their channels out of fear that they’ll be unable to make money once the platform begins enforcing new limits around kid-friendly content.

I myself am one of these content creators that put their YouTube Channel on hold. Some content creators have changed their stage names to make them feel less kid-oriented, cutting out popular series dedicated to toys or games, taking up vlogging, and specifically shifting videos to target teens. Essentially, these changes retarget kid’s content to a slightly older demographic that isn’t covered by the $170 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged children’s privacy law violations.

Due to the settlement, YouTube will have to stop collecting data on videos that are targeted toward kids under the age of 13, and creators who make videos for children — such as unboxing toys or art lessons aka anything crafty — will also have to clearly label their content as being intended for kids. For creators, this means any videos they make for kids won’t be eligible to run targeted ads, which they fear could dramatically reduce their revenue. (But to be honest, YouTube was in the wrong to do this, to begin with. So I am really glad they got fined. What I am not happy about is YouTube also puts the blame on Content Creators.)

This also included me as I am a content creator of crafts, but after two months and not hearing some much as a peep from COPPA. It’s safe to say the only one I need to fear is YouTube itself. YouTube is the only one I have heard that has removed comments, deleted videos, and demonetized content creators. Ether to discourage certain content creators, or spook them enough to quit.

Many of you might be wondering why? Well MatPat from
The Game Theorists
made a video on the why: also Ian Corzine who is a lawyer and got some info from someone at Youtube:

Since they are using machines and not actual people to look at videos since they don’t have the manpower to look over Millions of people videos all over the world. I am going to add this disclaimer (below) in front of my videos in hopes to help my channel.

I will be returning to YouTube at the end of February. Yes, the sign seems silly and once you read it you might get a chuckle but it what I have to do.

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