Being Content and Thankful In All Things

Being Content and Thankful In All Things

That is super strange; I thought I had a pre-posted entry set up to go off the first week of January. Since I was off with family for the Holiday and it seems that the posting I had in place has just vanished. I had a very lengthy posting on what my resolution was going to be this year and now I have to start from scratch. I guess it’s fitting New Year, new goals, and I guess new posts.

We’ll let me start again, this year my resolution is to be content and thankful in all things. The Lord has been good to me, he has given me a new lease on life, spiritualty and physically. And honesty I can’t say I have been all that good to him and everything he has given me. So this year I am getting off my bottom and being thankful and content.


It’s not easy being thankful when things go horrible wrong or be content when things go from bad to worse. And it’s even harder to thank others when you’re in the mists of hardship. So I have made a few cards to thanks others while we wonder this wilderness. Now hopefully I send them out rather them collecting dust on my craft area. Lol!

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