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Photoshop Good Tool to Learn

Photoshop Good Tool to Learn

When I was attending The Art Institute of San Francisco, I was in a Photoshop class that was teaching CS. Now in 2003 that was cutting edge stuff, at that time not a lot of schools were even up-to-date with the newest software. Now it’s 2013 and Photoshop CS doesn’t cut it anymore. So what is an older woman to do? Well if you’re lucky like me you marry a man that knows how to supply you with the latest software.


Yup, you evolve to CS6…  Well no… My husband may have CS6 but it’s not installed on my computer. Currently I am only at CS4 which is not bad. So what do I do?  How do you use it when you don’t have an Institute or a husband that is too busy to teach you?  You turn to YouTube or any other media site that can show you when you can’t dish out mountains of cash to go back to school.


For example below you will see two pictures; the one on the left is the original. As you can see it’s too dark to make out what I’m looking at. But after looking at 1stoptutorials and TayvinKnightPhoto I was able to improve my photo.



I can honestly say I am no wizard when it comes to technology. I really don’t care what the difference between an Ipad and Ipod. But if you want to make your stuff look better it doesn’t hurt to check out what’s new and learn about it.

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